Let Us Wake and Speak Ute Appreciation

In appreciation for all involved in the “Let Us All Wake Up and Speak Ute” Conference

On July 31, 2015 members of the three Ute tribes met to share the Ute language at the “Let Us All Wake Up and Speak Ute” Conference. Presenters from the Ute Tribe, Ute Mountain Ute Tribe and Southern Ute Tribe discussed how to keep our language alive for future generations, and demonstrated various methods of teaching the Ute language. The Culture Department would like to acknowledge the following individuals who participated in the conference.

Chairman Clement J. Frost; Yellow Jacket-Ian Thompson and RC Lucero; Terry Knight, Helen Munoz, Betty Howe and Ute Elders, Ute Mountain Ute Tribe; May Mountain and Jonas Grant, Presenters, Ute Tribe; Joyce Hughes, Masters of Linguistics Graduate Program, and Gila River Teacher/Trainer; Dr. Stacey Oberly, Arlene Millich, Dedra White, Lorelei Cloud, Amelia Howe, Lillian Seibel, Inez Cloud, Pearl Casias, Ute Speakers 2011; Stella Eyetoo, White Mesa Elder.

Donations: Franklin Thompson-dinner tickets, Linda Eagle-pressure cooker, Culture Department-gift cards, Arlene Millich-water color, Dedra White-Indian blanket, Helen Munoz-Ute bingo packet, Sky Ute Resort – one free night at the motel and dinner at Seven Rivers. Culture Department, for funding, lunch and gifts of appreciation.

It was a pleasure to work with all the presenters and hear their individual ideas for their presentations. The event was recorded and is available on the Culture website, and Tribal member website. There will be a limited number of recordings available to members of the three Ute tribes, if you would like to receive a copy please contact Henry Whiteskunk, Media Technician 970-563-0100, ext. 3625 or Marge Barry, Education Coordinator at 970-563-4802, in the Culture Dept.

Special thanks to our Ute people who attended the conference and the presenters who work diligently to keep our language alive.

Southern Ute Culture Department Staff, Elise Redd, Director; Marge Barry, Education Coordinator; Tara Vigil, Special Events, Coordinator; Henry Whiteskunk, Media Technician; Kree Lopez, Media Technician Intern, and Videographer; Darlene Frost Admin. Asst.; Casey Naranjo NAGPRA Coordinator Apprentice and Alden Naranjo NAGPRA Coordinator.

Elise Redd

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