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Participants from the Lil’ Warriors after school program enjoy a cooling shower at their last session on Wednesday, May 18 outside the SunUte Community Center. Youngsters from left to right are: Jesse Vigil, Willie Frost, Nick Santistevan, Orion Watts, John McClain, Austin Jack, Dawrence Romero.
Annual Walk of the Warriors was dedicated to Southern Ute Veterans past and present. There were several other Veterans groups from different military branches who took a walk to Pine River Bridge to Ouray Memorial Cemetery. The rainy weather did not deter these warriors. One group came all the way from South Fork, Colorado
On the last day of the Southern Ute Bear Dance - A crowd of over 400 people attended. As the day wore on, more dancers, danced into the evening. Again this year no one fell down to the end the “last dance. ”
Beth Santistevan | SU Drum Archives
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