Jimmy R. Newton Jr. Emerging Leadership Awards Fund Created

Dear Recipient,

Certain people can have a profound influence on the lives of others. The late Chairman Jimmy R. Newton, Jr. was such a person. His willingness to listen to tribal youth and include them to the governance process demonstrated his strong connection with the youth of not only the Southern Ute community but in the local schools. As a way of honoring his memory and continuing Chairman Newton’s efforts, family and friends are taking steps to create a tax-exempt organization which can provide broad support to emerging young leaders within the Southern Ute tribal community.

Reflecting the proposed emerging leadership organizational goals, a youth conference will be held on May 16, 2015 at one of the Ignacio schools. The Southern Ute Tribal divisions and the Ignacio Schools have generously agreed to contribute to this one-day conference, which will include all nationalities of youth.

As a tribal elder mother, I am speaking on behalf of Chairman Jimmy Newton’s family. We are soliciting funds to recognize several youth who are emerging as young leaders. Chairman Newton always engaged in activities that protected, promoted and enhanced tribal sovereignty, culture and traditions. These goals are consistent with Chairman Newton’s desires for the Southern Ute Tribe and all tribal nations. Strong tribal nations need strong leaders with vision, diplomacy, compassion, impeccable ethics and exceptional governance skills. Assisting youth in becoming the strong leaders of tomorrow benefit not only the Southern Ute Indian Tribe but all of Indian country.

The Chairman Newton emerging leadership awards can begin with the generous support from people like you. With your most generous donation, Chairman Newton’s vision can extend forward through each generation of youth. Chairman Newton maximized his time leading with strength and compassion from his heart. If you wish to donate to this most exciting endeavor; please send a money order or cashier’s check payable to Elaine Newton c/o Jimmy Newton, Jr., emerging leadership awards, PO Box 212, Ignacio, CO 81137. You can also directly deposit funds into the Wells Fargo Bank, PO Box 869, Jimmy Newton, Jr. leadership awards account 102000076 9259157742. If you wish to do direct deposits please send me an email so I can keep track of donated funds. My email address is: 1.goodmojo.newton@gmail.com.

My family and I wish to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping to carry on Chairman Newton’s endeavors.


Elaine Newton

“Live for knowledge and always know where you come from”

Motto of the late Jimmy R. Newton, Jr.

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