Many Moons Ago

The 12 Gauge Drum Group sings the Opening Song for the Growth Fund Open House on Friday, March 25. Pictured clockwise, from lower left, Ian Thompson, Dustin Teags, Timothy Ryder, Patrick Hight, Tyson Thompson, Jim Newton Jr., Micco Wesley, Jake Ryder and Dan Jefferson.
Washington D. C. here we come. The above students are from Ignacio and Bayfield Middle Schools who were chosen by teacher and administrators of the schools on the basis of their academic performances, attendance and school conduct. The students from left to right are: Luisa Vasquez, Obbie Box, Danielle Monte, Toni Rael, Chantel Cloud, Melanie Box, Shelly Thompson, Eric Baker, Clinton Baker and chaperones Mr. and Mrs. Robert Loos.
Dave Brown | Drum Archive
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