Many Moons Ago

Senior Maria “Hot Sauce” Rivera drives to the hoop in an attempt to score for Ignacio against the number one team in the state at the Regional playoffs in Buena Vista, Colorado. Friday, March 4. The Ladycats lost in the first round of the Regional playoffs to the Buena Vista Lady Demons.
30 years ago: Part of the Hozhoni Days Celebration, Ms. Cynthia Kent, was one of the speakers who spoke to the Native American students. Ms. Kent’s main topics were titles “Living in Two Worlds,” or “Is the Grass Really Greener on the Other Side,” or “There is No Place Like Home.” Cynthia encouraged the students to keep their “Indian” pride and not to expect jobs, scholarships, etc., just because you’re an INDIAN, but to go out and compete just like everybody else.
B. Santistevan| SU Drum
SU Drum Archive

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