Many Moons Ago

Ten years ago: After administering the oath of office to him, Tribal Court Chief Judge Elaine Newton congratulates newly elected Tribal Chairman Clement J. Frost on January 28, 2005. Frost will serve out the remaining term of former Chairman Howard D. Richards, which is set to expire in December of 2005.
20 years ago: Tribal Council basks in the warmth of a standing ovation given them by DACRA members. DACRA honored the tribe for community service and providing economic benefits to La Plata County.
30 years ago: The Merry Matriarches lost by forfeit on Monday (Feb. 4). Shown here are Phyllis Escalante, Judy Castillo, Tammy Lansing and Nicole Lansing. The Women’s Volleyball league is almost over and the tournaments are coming up in late February, early March.
Beth Santistevan | SU Drum Archive
John Rehorn | SU Drum Archive
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