Front entrance of historic Annex building remodeled to house welcome desk, receptionist

Tribal Information Services Mail Clerk and Receptionist Deeana Cruz greets one of the first early morning visitors at the Southern Ute Tribal Annex Building on Monday, May 2. A Tribal Information Services Receptionist will now greet all visitors to the building and require individuals to sign in and out per building security policy.
The Southern Ute Tribal Annex Building was recently renovated to include a receptionist window and a small waiting area in the entryway.
Fabian Martinez | SU Drum
Fabian Martinez | SU Drum

Tribal Information Services (TIS), Property and Facilities, and Southern Ute Shared Services worked together to install a receptionist window located at the Annex Building on the Southern Ute Tribal Campus. The introduction of the receptionist window was added to acknowledge the health and safety of all tribal clients and tribal staff.  The receptionist window went live with administrative operation, Monday, May 2.  

Construction of the new receptionist window began in March of this year and was completed by April. Planning for the project was coordinated by the Tribal Information Services and the Property and Facilities Departments. 

“The total cost for the new security window installation came to around $1,200 dollars,” Building Maintenance Division Head Gerard Gallegos said. Tribal Annex staff have embraced the receptionist area concept and have been proactive throughout the planning.  The intent is that tribal departments housed in the Annex building will benefit from the modernization and professional setting. TIS receptionists will rotate coverage at the new station, providing customer service and departmental information as needed. 

The Annex Building was constructed in the early 1930’s and is now roughly 90 years old, what used to serve as a dormitory for the Ute Vocational School now houses the Tribal Planning Department and the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) with Wildlife Resource Management, Lands, GIS and the DNR administration office.    

Tribal Information Services Administrative Assistant, Samantha Maez, is hopeful that the new improvement will better serve the tribal membership as well as the TIS Staff. “We have a few new employees – this is brand new for all of us, so this is an opportunity for us to grow as a team,” Maez said. “Quality customer service is what I hope for, letting things run a little bit smoother and helping everybody else’s job to be a little easier.” 

Similar to the Leonard C. Burch Building, all COVID-19 restrictions such as health screenings have been lifted with the voluntary temperature checks and face coverings offered.  All visitors will be required to sign in upon arrival in alignment with all tribal campus buildings. Once signed in, employees will be contacted by the receptionist to be informed that they have a visitor. Staff members will escort the visitor throughout the building upon arrival and departure. Currently, appointments are not required to enter the Annex building.                                                             

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