100th Annual Southern Ute Tribal Fair Postponed Until 2022


From the Southern Ute Cultural Preservation Department

July 19, 2021

The 100th Annual Southern Ute Fair has been postponed for the year 2021. This decision was not made lightly and included input from tribal leadership and various departments, members, and employees. Safety is our number one concern and though neighboring municipalities and towns have reduced COVID-19 restrictions, the Southern Ute Indian Tribe remains attentive to the health and well-being of the membership. Variants have been on the rise and we are focused on protecting our elders and “at risk” population.

The 100th Annual Southern Ute Fair is expected to be large and span multiple days, just like previous years. Various events are held in multiple areas, each with their own entry and exit points, and we feel that the effectiveness of checkpoints, temperature checks, and mask protocol would be minimal, at best. We expect frustrations would rise due to the strict safety protocols, wait time for temperature checks, and other safety measures that are necessary for such a large event while in a pandemic. As such, we would rather wait for the Tribe to move to the least restrictive phase when positive case rate, transmission, and hospitalization rates are at their lowest reflecting when it would be safe to do so, so that we can welcome back ALL our participants, contestants, spectators, and vendors.

Superintendents and volunteers are the backbone of success throughout the Southern Ute Fair history. This year would have been no different, even with the added duty of incorporating COVID safety measures. We anticipate the Fair’s return next year, given favorable conditions, and we hope that every superintendent and volunteer will be eager and ready to leap into action. These are YOUR events and we realize and acknowledge the effort and attention you put into your work. Thank you.

It is with a heavy heart that we put the Fair on the shelf for this year, but make no mistake that plans are being made for a memorable celebration in 2022. Planning today will result in success tomorrow. The Southern Ute Cultural Preservation Department (CPD) will be recruiting volunteers, superintendents, and sponsors, from our community to make the 100th Annual Southern Ute Fair of 2022 worth the wait. Thank you for your understanding. Be safe.

The Powwow Committee will soon be sharing their decision regarding the Southern Ute Tribal Powwow, please look out for this announcement.

If you are interested in volunteering for the centennial celebration, please contact Mr. Marvin Pinnecoose, CPD Heritage/Events Coordinator at 970-563-2988 or via email at mpinnecoose@southernute-nsn.gov. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this decision, please contact Ms. Shelly Thompson at 970-563-2984 or via email sthompson@southernute-nsn.gov.


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