Tribal member small business spotlight: Grant Foster

Grant Foster, owner of Rising Sun Traps, LLC holds a couple of Chesapeake blue crab.
Rising Sun Crab Traps, LLC
Rising Sun Crab Traps, LLC
Rising Sun Crab Traps, LLC

Rising Sun Crab Traps: Ocean Springs, Miss.

What is your small business: name, services, industry?

Rising Sun Crab Traps, LLC. We cater to Recreational and Commercial Crabbers, Charter Captains and Shrimpers. We manufacture Crab Traps in three sizes, Live Crab Holding Pens, Live Fish Bait Holding Pens, Crawfish/Shrimp Traps, Eel Traps, and Pin Fish Traps in many sizes and shapes, etc.

What inspired you to start your own small business?

The crab traps I purchased in the local stores were flimsy and cheaply made. My mom and dad used to own a rabbitry and had a contract with Pel Freeze in which they had 400 working does. My dad had a regular job and my mom built 90% of those traps on her own. So, when I complained about the crab traps, she said ok son, let’s build you some traps. We purchased a roll of vinyl coated wire and used stainless steel hog rings. My mom researched a bit on how to make a good crab trap and we made six of them.  A man was watching as I pulled them out of the water and ran over to us asking where we got those traps and I said we made them. He then said I will take six! We delivered them that evening and Rising Sun Crab Traps, LLC was born.

What have been some of the challenges you’ve encountered in building your business?

Just starting out using basic tools, then upgrading to hydraulic air compressor tools. Dealing with not only recreational buyers, but then the commercial buyers took notice of our traps. We even make traps for Jay Paul Molinere who is also Native American from the show “Swamp People.” Starting out making just six traps to taking an order for 400 Commercial Crab Traps from a crabber in Texas who had his traps picked up and hot shot delivered. My mom advertises or us and runs the business as well as buys the supplies. She can also build a crab trap faster than any grown seasoned trap maker I have ever met. She works beside me, and my dad helps too. It is a family-owned business, and we are proud of our work and stand behind it. I am Facebook famous and once walked in the grocery store and a guy said, “hey your Rising Sun the Crab Trap Maker.” Lol, my mom made me famous, but our work has made us who we are.  

What is the vision for your business? How would you like to see it grow?

Our vision would be to own our own manufacturing shop and hire employees so we could go big. There are only two other large crab trap builders in our area. I would also like to sell not only our products, but the wire, floats, hog rings, tools and rope needed to make Crab Traps.

What support would you like to see offered by the Tribe to its small business owners or prospective entrepreneurs?

I wish the Tribe would financially back us and support us more. Especially those of us who have ventured into the big world and do not live on our Reservation.

What short piece of advice could you provide to an aspiring tribal entrepreneur?

If you have a dream and you enjoy doing something, research it and go for it. The rewards are tremendous!   

How can tribal members and members of the community support your small business?

You can support us by liking our Facebook page: Rising Sun Crab Traps, LLC. 

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