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General election brings Cloud back to Council

The annual Southern Ute Indian Tribe’s General Election was held on Friday, Nov. 2 in the SunUte Community Center conference room, located in Ignacio, Colo. The positions up for election this year include two seats on the Southern Ute Tribal Council.

The official certification of votes was presented in Tribal Council Chambers on Monday, Nov. 5 by the Southern Ute Election Board.

Running for the seats in this General Election were candidates; Amy J. Barry, Lindsay J. Box, Lorelei Cloud, Byron Frost, Aaron V. Torres, Shane Seibel and W. Bruce Valdez.

Lorelei Cloud was re-elected at Friday’s election by a majority vote of 221 votes, Cloud will fill one of the council seats that were up for election.

Candidates Shane Seibel and W. Bruce Valdez will both be on December’s runoff election ballot. Seibel received 99 votes and Valdez came out with 91 votes in the General Election.

There were 994 registered Southern Ute Tribal member voters, and a total of 711 votes were cast in Friday’s General Election. One ballot was spoiled.

The runoff election will be held Friday, Dec. 14. The candidate receiving the most votes will be elected to the Southern Ute Tribal Council.

Concluding the certification of votes on Monday, Southern Ute Tribal Councilmen, Adam Red spoke to the audience and the election board, “We appreciate everything you do for the membership and good luck [candidates].”


The official results of the 2018 General Election for the Southern Ute Indian Tribe, alphabetically listed, are as follows:

  • Amy J. Barry – 86
  • Lindsay J. Box – 61
  • Lorelei Cloud – +221
  • Byron Frost – 64
  • Shane Seibel – *99
  • Aaron V. Torres – 89
  • Bruce Valdez – *91
  • + Re-elected to Council
  • *  To Run-Off Election
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