Vandals hit SU Rifle Range

A metal canopy at the Southern Ute Rifle Range is riddled with bullet holes after recent act of vandalism.
Multiple shot gun and shell casings litter the Southern Ute Rifle Range after recent acts of vandalism at the range.
Richard Herrera | SUPD
Richard Herrera | SUPD
Richard Herrera | SUPD


The Southern Ute Police Department is looking for the community’s help tracking down the individuals responsible for the vandalizing the Southern Ute Rifle Range.

On Friday, Feb. 10 Southern Ute Police Department Officer Richard Herrera said he received a call from Southern Ute Ranger Sgt. Andrew Beck about vandalism at the range.

There are two sides of the rifle range, a civilian side and a law enforcement side. According to Herrera, the civilian side is where the vandalism occurred.

“The civilian side was ridiculed with trash, destroyed pieces of wood, broken glass, trash lying throughout the area,” Herrera said. “The canopy had numerous bullet holes in it, as well as being tagged with spray paint.”

After a closer look at the spray paint tag it appears to say, “RAX”.

Herrera said the vandalism shows complete lack of respect.

“I felt the Southern Ute tribal membership should be aware of the damage caused and the trash left behind by those who have failed to clean up after themselves … and the lack of respect given to the Southern Ute Tribe, the membership and the others who use the range,” Herrera said.

SUPD is asking if anyone has any information on those responsible for the damage to call (970) 563-4401.



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