Southern Ute tribal members look over blue prints of what future Cedar Point housing may look like on Thursday, June 2. Tribal members were also asked to write down recommendations and concerns on the blue prints.
Photo Credit: Sacha Smith | The Southern Ute Drum
Photo Credit: Sacha Smith | The Southern Ute Drum
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Housing opportunities coming to Cedar Point

On Thursday, June 2 the Cedar Point Housing Initiative Team (CPHI), tribal entities of the Permanent Fund and Growth Fund, hosted a meeting updating the membership on the tribal member focused housing project.

The project is a Tribal Council Initiative aimed at providing tribal members new home and rental opportunities at the Cedar Point Subdivision. The project is fully funded by the tribe.

The meeting focused on discussing Phase 1 of the project with the membership. Phase 1 is slated to include residential lots, townhome rentals, a possible commercial lot, and additional infrastructure at Cedar Point.

Tribal members were asked to become involved in the process. Those who attended the meetings got to look over draft blueprints and make suggestions as to what they would like to see in the future housing.

“We are open to all options,” April Toledo, construction project manager told tribal members at the meeting.   

The CPHI team is encouraging tribal members to become a part of focus groups that will help decide security, lighting, layouts, landscaping and more. For questions about the focus groups or to sign up you can contact April Toledo, construction project manager, at 970-563-0100 ext. 2192.

What you need to know about the Cedar Point Housing Initiative:

There are potentially four phases to the Cedar Point Housing Project. The phases are need driven – dependent on the success of the preceding phase.

Phase 1 includes 23 residential lots, 25 townhome rental units, and a possible commercial lot at the corner of Highway 172 and County Road 318. The team is accepting feedback from tribal members on what the commercial lot could consist of.

The 23 residential lots will be available first and construction of the 25 townhomes is expected to begin spring of 2017.

You must be eligible for both a home-site assignment and a home loan to be considered for one of the 23 residential lots at Cedar Point – can’t have an existing assignment.

Phase 1 will include additional infrastructure; there are potentials for a park – park options were presented and tribal members were and are welcome to provide the team feedback on what the park should look like.

In Phase 1 the cul-de-sac on Sage Brush Ave. will be removed and the road will be extended to Lodge Pole Way.

Shadow Spirit St. will be extended to the east for new access off Highway 172.

Interested in Cedar Point Homes?

If you are interested in one of the homes the first step is to call the Housing Department for more information. Housing will also put you in contact with the tribe’s Land Division and Credit Division.

Join a part of a focus group to be involved with the planning process.

Interested in the Townhome rentals?

Townhome rentals are owned by the tribe and will be available for rent to tribal members upon completion.

Construction is slated to begin spring 2017.

Contact the Housing Department to be added to a list for future contact once the townhomes are closer to completion.

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