rSchoolToday selected as CHSAA’s digital platform partner


rSchoolToday has been selected as the digital platform partner by the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA).  After a thorough vetting process which included three other prominent companies in the high school athletics/activities space, CHSAA chose rSchoolToday for the 3-year contract to deliver 1) Coaches Certification & Education, 2) Transfers & Waivers Management, 3) Forms Compliance, and 4) Roster Eligibility to CHSAA’s 365 high schools and a growing number of Colorado’s 1,000 middle schools.

“It’s been a real joy already to work with such a visionary organization. We’re excited to bring that next level of service and paperless efficiency to CHSAA and its member schools.  Rhonda Blanford-Green and her team have been amazing, and we feel honored to have been chosen from the “A list” of other top providers in the high school space. We see so many great things we can do together, and we look forward to delivering big-time for them with the initial Platform!” Ray Dretske, President and Co-Founder, rSchoolToday 

“After three years in this space, we have realized how important a robust electronic platform is to the ecosystem of the CHSAA and how we continue to interact and do business with our membership. Bar-setting Associations seek equally respected partners and we believe our partnership with rSchool Today will expand the reliability of technology and support to our membership, where they are, and where they are going.” Rhonda Blanford-Green, Commissioner, CHSAA

rSchoolToday is a 27-year-old, Florida-based software company providing an integrated suite of 25 cloud-hosted Software and Mobile App solutions to the K-16 education market. rSchool’s Sports Management Platform includes the most widely adopted Athletic Scheduler on the market.  rSchool currently serves over 8,700 schools and Educational Associations. 

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