Media Protocols: 2021 Regular Season/State Championships

Photo Credit: CHSAA

As the state level dials are easing, some reminders are in order for media coverage of regular season and CHSAA playoff events.

Under the definitions provided by the state, essential personnel include players, coaches, officials, athletic trainers and personnel necessary to run the event (scorekeepers, clock operators, security, game and gate personnel.) All others will be considered under the capacity limits as determined by the local health jurisdiction.

Media must comply with local check-in procedures. Media wishing to attend regular season contests should contact the host athletic director for information on how that can happen.

Media wanting to cover state championship events should contact Bert Borgmann ( and Laikyn Cooper ( State playoff media protocols will be announced closer to the actual events. Games held at local sites (i.e., basketball first and second rounds) will be determined by the local host school under the capacity limits allocated by their health jurisdiction. Media should expect that there will be limitations placed on numbers at the state events.

Masks are REQUIRED: The wearing of masks or appropriate face coverings is required at all CHSAA events.

Should a media person be allowed to cover a regular season event, that media person should follow all social distancing requirements (6 feet distance between themselves and others) in addition to the restrictions established in the CHSAA Media Handbook.

  • For basketball, photos may be shot from the ends of the court (if room is available). Photographers should be a minimum of 10 feet off the playing court to allow both officials and players enough room to maneuver. No photographing of play may occur between the free throw lines extended or along the sidelines per NFHS rules.
  • For ice hockey, photographers may not shoot on the ice. When shooting from the seating area, please take care not to interfere with sight lines of ticketed customers.
  • Swimming and diving may be the most restrictive. Photographers, if allowed on deck, may shoot from the corners of the bulkhead. They must be careful to provide officials with access to walk both sides of the pool. Photographers may only shoot from the awards stand or behind the officials’ lines, maintaining appropriate social distancing.
  • For skiing, photographers may shoot at any point on the side of the course, including the start and finish. Photographers must remain OFF the course at all times.
  • For wrestling, if allowed on the competitive floor near the mat, A minimum of four feet must be given from the mat. Photographers may not shoot from the team corners or interfere with any sight lines.
  • Post Game Celebrations: Media are prohibited from participation in any post game celebrations and must their distance from these activities (photographers, please shoot from a minimum of 10 feet from these activities.)
  • Post Game Interviews: All post-event interviews will be conducted in an area dedicated for such activities (no interviews may be conducted prior to or on court.) For any post event interviews, established social distancing rules shall be maintained, including 6 feet distance between all persons and all shall be required to wear face coverings. Any interview must have permission of the coach or AD.
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