IHS: Football gameday procedures

Photo Credit: Ignacio School District

Ever thought of yourself as a prep football season-ticket holder?

In the COVID-19 climate of 2020, you might have to be if you want to witness the Ignacio Bobcats.

Not that that’s a bad thing; prepaid admissions are just one of the steps IHS is taking this fall in order to try limiting possible exposure to, and spread of the disease. Such procedures and changes – including all tickets being priced at five prepaid dollars each – were recently detailed:

Speaking of fans, everyone must possess a ticket and have their names put on a COVID tracking sheet (visiting teams will bring or send their tracking sheets and check or money for tickets). As current state guidelines permit a maximum of only 175 spectators – split 70-30 between home and away fans – outside the playing area, please let Ignacio High School know if you end up not using all your tickets.

All spectators will wear a mask and adhere to all social distancing guidelines.

In the informing email, IHS Athletics/Activities Director Leo Garand noted that as La Plata County rules and regulations progress, crowd capacity will increase if possible.

On the gridiron, one very visible change this fall will be the elimination of the pregame coin toss.

Players – up to 50 per side, for a maximum total (excluding coaches and school administrative personnel) of 100, plus up to four non-participatory (managers/trainers, etc.) students – and coaches on the sideline must wear a face covering, along with everyone not between the lines, but even active players may be required by local health departments to do so as well.

Team rosters and administrative pass lists are to be submitted Wednesdays prior to games.

The team boxes will each extend to the 10-yard lines to allow for more space on the sidelines; coaches and players must maintain three to six feet of social distancing when not participating. Each team may have cheerleaders present, but all must remain on the track at all times and also wear masks and employ social distancing.

Hand sanitizer will be available on both sidelines, but the visiting team will need to supply and bring its own water. There will also be no locker room usage pre- or post-game, nor during halftime.

The Ignacio School District will have indoor/outdoor facilities that meet all social distancing standards, but while bathrooms will be available, showers will not.

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