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Jack Frost III proudly poses with his La Plata USBC Association Youth Hall of Fame plaques.
La Plata County USBC (United States Bowling Congress) Association Hall of Fame bowling plaque won by Jack Frost III.
Photo Credit: courtesy Jack Frost Jr.
Photo Credit: courtesy Jack Frost Jr.
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Frost III inducted into the 2015 USBC Youth Bowling Hall of Fame



When a person hears the words Hall of Fame most tend to think of people who have been around a sport for a good amount of time: a veteran of sorts in that sport. That person must also have achieved a high status in that sport based on outstanding performance and ability over a period of time in order to be considered for Hall of Fame consideration. Not to mention the fact that he or she is an ambassador of that sport, always showing respect and maintaining a positive attitude for that sport and as a person representing that sport.

So when the words Youth Bowling Hall of Fame were spoken several members of the local USBC (United States Bowling Congress) Rolling Thunder Youth Bowling League came to mind. Caleb Sapa and our very own Jack M. Frost, III were the names being mentioned. The local La Plata County USBC Bowling Association got together along with other members of the league and community members to form and present a nomination for both young men.

For those who know Jack III it did not come as a surprise that he was nominated for this award. His skills, experience and knowledge of the game of bowling are well known among his peers.

He has been bowling since 2008 until May of this year when his eligibility as a youth bowler ended. And what a youth bowling career he had. Some of his more impressive highlights is he finished the 2015 youth bowling league on top being awarded with the leagues overall high average award (214) the highest average he achieved during the season was a 218, the leagues overall high game award (289) and the leagues overall high series award (721). He has bowled four 700 series games in his career with 3 being certified, has numerous 600 series games and in a span of three weeks bowled two 11-in-a-row games.

He has been at the top or in the top 3 of each category for the last three years. He was a member of the Rolling Thunder Youth league and also travelled with the league as participants in the Colorado State Youth Bowling Championships, he was team Captain of the tribe’s Tri-Ute bowling team, team Captain of the tribe’s Rocky Mountain State Games bowling team and a member of the USBC Junior Gold Team and the Junior Bowlers Tour (JBT).

During his time on JBT he traveled to Albuquerque, NM and starting at the bottom of the bracket bowled his way past other bowlers from other states to find himself in the championship match against the 32-time JBT champion. It was a grueling match as Jack III found himself down 30 pins. But as we say in any sport nothing is over until it is over. Jack III came back strong and went on to defeat the 32-time champion by one pin to win his first major tournament. This championship match is on YouTube.

There are many more awards and milestones that helped pave the way to his nomination and ultimate induction into the USBC Youth Bowling Hall of Fame.

So as his youth bowling career ends on a very high note we all look forward to what the bowling future holds for our champion and now Hall of Famer Jack Frost, III. You represent your family, the sport of bowling and all of your bowling friends well. We congratulate you on receiving this prestigious award and are very proud of all your accomplishments.

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