Tribal Council

Chairman Newton walks on

With deep sadness, the Southern Ute Indian Tribe announced on Tuesday, April 1 that Jimmy R. Newton Jr., chairman of the Southern Ute Indian Tribal Council, who was also a former vice chairman and Tribal Council member, passed away the night of March 31 following a recent illness.

The Tribal Council is stunned and grief-stricken at the passing of its young leader and expressed its support for his wife, daughter and family.

“Chairman Newton served this tribe and its members for over a decade. He dedicated his career to helping his fellow Tribal Council and all enrolled members of the tribe,” said Vice Chairman James M. Olguin. “His passing leaves us without our veteran leader and with a huge hole in the heart of all who worked with or knew him.”

Under the tribe’s constitution, a special election will be called within 60 days to fill the vacancy in the office of the chairman. Until then, the vice chairman will exercise the authority of the chairman’s office.

“We will mourn Chairman Newton, but we will also honor him, his leadership, and his legacy by continuing our hard work to strengthen our tribe and support our members,” Olguin said.

Additional information regarding services will be forthcoming.

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