Unlocking career growth: Growth Fund’s innovative Professional Development Program 

Photo Credit: Courtesy Southern Ute Growth Fund

Shailyn Olguin participated in the Southern Ute Growth Fund’s Professional Development Program (PDP) which allows tribal members who are employed at the Growth Fund, the opportunity to go to college to pursue a degree and remain employed with the Growth Fund.  The intent is to allow the employee to pursue a degree in a field of study that would assist with giving the participant the opportunity to meet the minimum qualifications for a higher-level role in the Growth Fund or another Tribal organization. 

Olguin just graduated with an Associate of Art’s Degree in Business from Pueblo Community College.  After graduation from the Program, she was offered a job with Red Willow Production Company as an Operations Technician II – Maintenance under the supervision of Corey Watson.  Before graduating from the PDP, Olguin was employed at Red Willow as an Accounting Assistant.   

The Southern Ute Growth Fund held a small celebration luncheon for Olguin at Willow’s Café and Bistro at the Sky Ute Casino Resort.  Attended by Southern Ute Growth Fund Director, Shane Seibel, Kourtney Hadrick, Maria Baker, Corey Watson, Carole Haidaris, Johnna Blanchard and Shailyn Olguin. 

Congratulations Shailyn! 

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