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Bradley Lovato BGC Youth of the Month
Photo Credit: Divine Windy Boy | The Southern Ute Drum

Club Connect 

Youth of the Month 

Our Youth of the Month focuses on acknowledging and making club members aware of their own unique character and abilities. As staff, we want to recognize them by their positive attributes seen in their club driven experience.    

For this month of February, our Youth of the Month awards go to Bradley Lovato and Cassidy Tahlo! 

Congratulations on behalf of BGCSU staff!   


Club Member Birthday Shout outs 

  • Robert Archuleta March 4,2024  


BGC Announcement 

The Annual Hearts Fundraiser was successful with nine businesses and the Permanent Fund selling hearts. Rolling Thunder Grill sold the most hearts, 400! 


BGC Shoutouts 

A huge shoutout to everyone who donated prizes for the annual Easter egg hunt. 


BGC Board highlights 

On March 9, the Boys & Girls Club staff and board members attended the 2024 Annual BGC Retreat at the Double Tree in Durango, Colo. The staff & Board met together for the morning session and then went into Staff and Board specific break outs. 

  On March 13, CEO Bruce LeClaire and Board Member, Amy Barry, provided a BGC “on-air” update at KSUT Tribal Radio. 

CEO Bruce LeClaire will attend Boys & Girls Clubs of America Movement Resource Group, MRG, Leaders Symposium March 18-19. He is a co-chair of the Indigenous Connections MRG and will meet with leaders from other Movement Resource Groups. 

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