ICL welcomes vonTauffkirchen as new Assistant Director/Librarian

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Photo Credit: Ignacio Community Library

My name is Liz vonTauffkirchen and as of Jan. 2, I am the Assistant Director/Librarian at Ignacio Community Library. I am tasked with providing adult programming, some collection development (particularly eMaterials), Readers Advisory (this is the science of helping people find the right books for them), general library tasks such as circulation and shelving materials, and so much more.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for welcoming me so warmly to Ignacio Community Library (ICL) and to Ignacio in general. My ICL colleagues have been so kind, gracious, and generous with their time showing me the ropes.

I had the opportunity during my first week in this position to attend the Ignacio Chamber of Commerce meeting at the Sky Ute Casino. The catering was delicious, and the attendees were so friendly; many folks came up and introduced themselves to me individually and the rest of the attendees welcomed me with smiles. The entire affair was so lovely and heartwarming.

In my second week, I visited the Senior Center and was warmly welcomed there. That week, I also attended a library board meeting, where the board took the time to individually introduce themselves to me and told me about themselves. I had a similar welcome the following week when I was able to attend a Friends of the Library meeting.

All this warmth and kindness had filled my emotional cup, but it didn’t end there: multiple patrons took the opportunity to welcome me over this first month in the job. Some of these patrons are known to me from my nearly two decades working at other local libraries, particularly Pine River Library in Bayfield; but many of the patrons who have taken the time and effort to introduce themselves to me are previously unknown to me. I very much appreciate all the kindness from this community!

I am still very new here and am gradually learning all this town’s charms; I can’t wait to explore more! I have yet to visit the (stunningly beautiful) Museum and Cultural Center, for one thing. I am also looking forward to trying all the yummy food places; so far, I’ve only tried Rise and Shine Coffee and it is fantastic! I have my eye on Taqueria Cuevas and the Ranch Grill next and I look forward to trying every place in Ignacio over time. Please come and tell me your favorite dishes and restaurants, so I can give them a try!

If you haven’t met me yet, please come in and say hello! If you want an excuse to pop into the library (which you do not need, come anytime for any reason) we have a drop in Valentine’s Craft program on Friday, Feb. 9 and drop in Valentine’s Card Making on Monday, Feb. 12, both from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. We will also put the card making supplies out after school on Monday for kids who want to make a card and can’t come at lunchtime.

I am absolutely blown away and moved by the welcoming kindness this community has shown me in this new position. I did not previously realize how warm and friendly this community obviously is. Thank you so much; I look forward to serving you all!

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