Makerspace news for July

Ignacio Community Library, ICL Logo, ICL art
Photo Credit: Ignacio Community Library

Repair Cafe Ignacio & Bayfield is a go! The first Repair Cafe is scheduled for Thursday, July 6 at 6 p.m. at the Ignacio Community Library. 

Ignacio Community Library and the Pine River Library are joining teams to bring the Repair Cafe to the Pine River Valley. An initial repair team has been gathered and the Repair Cafe will be held on the first Thursday of every month, starting on Thursday, July 6. 

Bring in your broken, torn or non-working items and put the Repair Cafe team to work accessing and attempting to put them back in service. Cracked or broken plastic tubs and pieces, bicycles needing adjustment, zippers, buttons, or torn clothing, and computer or electronic devices needing a fix, are just a sample of the work planned in the Repair Cafe. If you are interested in joining the Repair Team, call the library or just show up early for the first meeting.  

Don’t have an item needing fixing? Folks interested in supporting the Repair Cafe effort are invited to lend a helping hand or simply observe and socialize with the group. There will be activities for youth and lessons on recycling as well as light refreshments. 

The Repair Cafe team is looking for some items and equipment to help us with this effort, such as large plastic containers for sorting recycled materials. Surplus tools including wire cutters and box cutters. We will also be accepting some donations of recyclable materials including aluminum cans and copper wiring. 

Help support the Repair Cafe to keep your things working for you, reduce waste, and properly dispose of electronics and other valuable materials. Hope to see you on Thursday, July 6, at 6 p.m. in the ICL McClanahan Community Room.  

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