ICL: Diverse, unique, multicultural  

Ignacio Community Library, ICL Logo, ICL art
Photo Credit: Ignacio Community Library

In starting to write today’s article a number of adjectives crossed my mind to describe our community and our library. Diverse, unique, multicultural all come to mind. Then I began reflecting on the uniqueness of the different areas of La Plata County, how distinct and varied they are. This applies to the four La Plata County libraries as well as the communities themselves.  

I think it’s truly wonderful that we have four very unique libraries in this county.  

Durango, being the largest, offers a number of special programs and services. Two items they have which are not available at the other area libraries are a Patent and Trademark Resource Center and book club kits. The newest library district in Colorado; the Southwest Colorado Library District is unique in that it is housed within two schools. This is wonderful for youth access to the library but certainly comes with its own particular set of constraints as well. The Pine River Library in Bayfield is closest to Ignacio patrons but fortunately, is part of a different consortium and so offers a largely different collection, including digital items.  

While virtually all libraries focus on youth literacy, here at ICL the literacy kits, book bundles, and family literacy events are among the services and materials that set us apart. Our Native American and Southwest collections, as well as our maker kits and classes are part of our unique offerings. Lastly, very soon ICL will be the only local library with a bookmobile! We’re very excited about this new opportunity to serve the community and cannot wait to see how our patrons respond.  

As with other areas of life, there are portions which overlap and portions that are distinct. Just as with individuals, I believe that our commonality and diversity is what makes each local library special and poised to support and assist everyone in the community. As always, we’d love to see you at the library! 

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