MPF host birthday celebration

Southern Ute Indian Montessori Academy’s elementary students sang a song with Southern Ute tribal elder and former Ute Language teacher Georgia McKinley during the gathering at the Multi-Purpose Facility.
Ute Mountain Ute member Colleen Cuthair won a pair of slippers during Sip, Chat, and Chew on Friday, Feb. 17 at the Multi-Purpose Facility.
The Southern Ute Multi-Purpose Facility hosted the February Sip, Chat and Chew event in conjunction with a birthday celebration for tribal elder, Vida B. Peabody on Friday, Feb. 17 in the Gathering Room. Southern Ute Tribal Council and facility staff serve the prepared food for those in attendance during the luncheon and birthday celebration.
Krista Richards | SU Drum
Krista Richards | SU Drum
Fabian Martinez | SU Drum