CDOT offers winter safety resources to drivers

Photo Credit: Courtesy CDOT

Winter weather is unpredictable in Colorado, and the best way to stay safe is to always be prepared for the weather to turn,” said Andrew Hogle, CDOT communications manager. “With the support of our partners, we are able to offer Coloradans a wide range of resources to stay safe this winter.” 

  “If your vehicle is not well equipped to travel in winter conditions, there are plenty of alternative options like transit and carpooling. Reducing vehicles on the road will lead to quicker travel times and an overall safer travel experience for drivers.” 

Colorado’s Passenger Vehicle Traction Law requires that all motorists have 3/16” tire tread depth and an all-wheel or four-wheel drive vehicle, winter tires (mountain-snowflake icon), tires with an all-weather rating, or mud/snow tires (M+S icon). If a vehicle has neither all-wheel, four-wheel drive or the adequate tires mentioned above, it must have chains or an approved alternative traction device. For more information about the Traction Law requirements, visit  

“Traction Law awareness and compliance makes a world of difference as we try to make Colorado winter roads safer,” said Master Trooper Gary Cutler of the Colorado State Patrol. “Driving slowly and ensuring you have space to stop behind the car in front of you is also crucial. The combination of adequate tire tread and slower speeds will lead to more Coloradans getting home safely this winter.” 

CDOT offers the following tips and reminders to help drivers be safe this winter: 

  • Know the Traction Law requirements for mountain driving. Which may include having 3/16” tire tread depth and one of the following: 
  • 4WD or AWD vehicle.  
  • Winter tires (mountain-snowflake icon). 
  • Tires with an all-weather rating by the manufacturer.  
  • Tires with a mud/snow designation (M+S icon).  
  • Chains or an approved alternative traction device. 
  • Avoid traveling during peak times. Use safe public transit if you need a ride. Bustang, Pegasus, Snowstang offer service to and from certain mountain areas, and Bustang Outrider offers service in rural regions.  
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