Armchair traveling

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Cruises, road trips, theme parks, camping, boating, and hiking! Does this sound like the best of summer? Have you dreamed of the places you would like to go? Have a travel bucket list? Travel has been in the news so much throughout the pandemic and even more recently as gas prices have risen, and airlines have struggled with staffing and costs, it’s helped me consider where I would go and what I’d like to see. It occurred to me that we all have the opportunity to be travelers; armchair travelers.  

Armchair traveling can help us to learn about a place we might want to go, or a place we already have plans to visit. It can open new horizons for us and our family members. It’s a great way to show our children a world beyond our own, with different traditions, foods and clothing, and architecture as well as different geography and animal and plant life. It can be informative to see how other people live, compare the differences and recognize the similarities.  

Viewing videos of places we’ve already visited is also an enjoyable way to relive wonderful memories, and can foster a discussion with our family and friends about where we’ve been and what we did and saw there. We can foster a sense of adventure and interest in the world around us as we share our stories, answer questions and encourage curiosity to bloom. Sharing our past travels with those who didn’t know us, or our children and grandchildren can be a lovely conversation starter as well.  

In the past the library purchased items that our patrons requested relating to upcoming travel and adventures and so we have materials on exotic locations such as Machu Picchu and the Galapagos, and the more familiar destinations such as Crow Canyon, nearby National Parks and so much more. Whether in video or in print format we have the materials to help you travel without leaving your house.  

Maybe, as the end of summer draws nearer, and kids return to school, the library can help extend the feeling of vacation days, travel and the excitement of new places. Stop by and see what we have to offer about the places you dream of going. 

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