Tribal Broadband Modernization Project to impact Bayfield Parkway

Photo Credit: Southern Ute Indian Tribe

Bonfire Engineering will begin construction on Bayfield Parkway entering the Town of Bayfield as outlined in Phase I of the tribal broadband project. Construction will take place along Bayfield Parkway beginning at the intersection of CR 516 traveling northeast along Bayfield Parkway into the Town of Bayfield, taking a left on CR 501 ending at the intersection of CR 501 and US Highway 160.

Crews will start at the intersection of CR 516 and Bayfield Parkway working northeast on Bayfield Parkway towards the intersection of CR 501 and US Highway 160. Construction will take place along the shoulder of the roadway. The broadband project will include trenching, boring, and plowing to lay fiber, as well as reclamation and seeding. Construction vehicles and fiber spools will be visible on the shoulder.

Construction on both sections began on Tuesday, July 19, and conclude on Tuesday, Aug. 2. Hours of operation will be from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Traffic lanes will be narrowed on Bayfield Parkway. Motorists will be required to reduce speeds and travel safely around the construction taking place on the side of the road. Please remember to slow down in construction zones, eliminate distractions, and drive with extra caution.

Motorists are also urged to watch for workers and equipment along the roadway.

In the event of an emergency or to report a reckless driver, please contact Southern Ute Police Department by dialing 970-563-4401 or the Bayfield Marshall’s Office at 970-884-9636.

To find more information about the Tribal Broadband Modernization Project, please visit the project website at www.southernute­ nsn gov/broadband-modernizatjon-project/

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