Southern Ute Reservation rescinds Stage II Fire Restrictions

The Bear Dance Fire consumed 89 acres along the Pine River, just east of SunUte Park and north past Scott’s Pond, spread by high winds, Friday afternoon, June 3.
Photo Credit: Jeremy Wade Shockley | The Southern Ute Drum

Southern Ute Indian Reservation – Due to  recent rains and moderating fuel conditions, Stage II Fire Restrictions have been rescinded for all trust lands throughout the Southern Ute Indian Reservation. Stage I Fire Restrictions remain in place. Everyone on reservation land is still asked to be cautious and use common sense with fire, as conditions may dry out and Fire Restrictions may again be implemented.

Since May, the Southern Ute Agency Fire Management has responded to several fires including the 89-acre Bear Dance fire that burned near the Tribal campus and SunUte Recreation Center. A Burned Area Emergency Rehabilitation (BAER) Team is currently assessing and developing a plan for the impacted area.

For more information regarding Fire Restrictions, please contact Southern Ute Agency Fire Management at (970) 563.4571.

Stage II Restrictions will be rescinded at 6 a.m., June 22, 2022.

Stage I Fire Restrictions prohibits acts for the general public, commercial operators, and industrial oil and gas operators performing work on the Southern Ute Indian Reservation.

Prohibited acts:

  1. OPEN BURNING. Burning of trash and/or yard waste is prohibited.
  2. AGRICULTURAL BURNING. Burning of crop land, fields, rangeland, debris burning, slash piles, prescribed burning and weed burning are prohibited.
  3. CAMPFIRES. Building, maintaining or using a warming fire or campfire outside of officially designated or developed camp sites is prohibited. The fire restrictions do not include charcoal fires (in suitable containers) for barbecues or fires for sweat ceremonies, however, such fires are not to be left unattended and are to be fully extinguished after use.
  4. FIREWORKS. Possession, discharging or use of any time of fireworks is prohibited.

Commercial and Industrial restrictions can be obtained from the BIA Fire Office at 575 County Road 517, Ignacio, CO 81137 or by calling (970) 563-4571.

Anyone violating the provisions of this fire ban may be subject to prosecution outlined in the Southern Ute Indian Criminal Code.

Rescinding of Stage II Restrictions effective June 22, 2022

Signed by Priscilla Bancroft, Superintendent, Southern Ute Agency

Signed by Melvin J. Baker, Chairman, Southern Ute Indian Tribe

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