Tribe and Ignacio School District discuss developments within the district

The relationship built between Tribal Council, the Ignacio School District, and members of their administrative teams is one the Tribe is grateful to have. While there are improvements to be made, those in attendance remain committed to improving the education model and finding solutions in the best interest of tribal students.
Council Member Marjorie Barry shares a photo with Southern Ute Education Director, LaTitia Taylor prior to the start of the quarterly meeting.
Ignacio School Board President Allen McCaw and Council Member Linda Baker pose for a photo after discussing how the lack of adequate housing in our local community affects what happens in the classroom.
Lindsay J. Box | Tribal Council Affairs
Lindsay J. Box | Tribal Council Affairs
Lindsay J. Box | Tribal Council Affairs

The Southern Ute Tribal Council and Ignacio School District School Board and administrative staff attended an evening meeting, Tuesday, March 15, to discuss developments within the district, challenges to student success, and the shift to a four-day school week. 

The Ignacio School Board President Allen McCaw began the meeting by acknowledging and giving accolades to Superintendent Chris deKay for the changes that are being implemented and positively impacting the schools, community, and relationship with the Tribe. Southern Ute Chairman Melvin J. Baker emphasized the quarterly meetings are a bridge of collaboration and lead to a pathway of success. 

Beginning during the 2023 School Year, the district will shift to a four-day school week. The district received overwhelming support for the change. Fridays will be reserved for credit recovery programs and certificate courses offerings. The district is currently developing partnerships within the community, including tribal departments such as SunUte Community Center and with the Boys & Girls Club of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe, to provide enriching opportunities for students. 

Tribal and district leadership and staff all agreed there needs to be an immediate plan developed to address the low performance and attendance issues among Native students. 


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