Pine River Indian Irrigation Project rehabilitation enters Phase II 

WCA staff prepping the concrete for repair on the Dr. Morrison drop structures.
Siphon on the Dr. Morrison Canal that crosses Dry Creek will have new gaskets installed, a new dump valve installed, and will be re-painted.
WCA staff pouring a new reinforced concrete floor on the Dr. Morrison drop structures.
WCA staff pouring concrete for the new Frost Lateral heading.
Water Resources Division
Water Resources Division
Water Resources Division
Water Resources Division

The Water Resources Division (WRD) is continuing rehabilitation efforts on the Pine River Indian Irrigation Project (PRIIP) during the winter of 2021–2022.  The PRIIP Rehabilitation efforts have been prioritized by the 2002 Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) PRIIP study and the 2008 BIA/HKM assessment of the PRIIP. These studies have since been assessed and updated for current conditions, and rehabilitation designs were drafted by an engineering contractor hired by the WRD.  Most of the funding for the PRIIP Rehabilitation efforts has been provided through Tribal Animas La Plata Project (ALP) resource funds.  During the winter of 2018/2019 WRD rehabilitated 42 concrete structures on the PRIIP for the PRIIP Rehab Phase I Rehabilitation Project. The WRD also piped a large section of the Dr. Morrison Canal that was failing during the winter of 2020-2021. 

For the PRIIP Rehabilitation Phase II Project, the WRD has contracted with WCA Construction LLC. to complete the rehabilitation work. The PRIIP Phase II Rehabilitation Project began in October of 2021 after the irrigation season and is scheduled to be completed by the end of April 2022, prior to the beginning of the next irrigation season.  

The project consists of the rehabilitation of 21 structures on the PRIIP which improves water delivery to approximately 5,132 acres of irrigated lands.  The structures include one siphon on the Dr. Morrison Canal, eight large concrete drop structures on the Dr. Morrison Canal, the Severo Canal heading, the Frost Lateral heading, the Goodnight Lateral heading, and nine other concrete structures.  Once the concrete structures are either rehabilitated or replaced, many will be coated with a two-part polyurea coating which will substantially extend the service life of the structures.  The rehabilitation efforts for phase II are funded with ALP Resource funds and are being completed in coordination with the BIA’s Southern Ute Agency.      

The WRD plans to continue rehabilitation efforts along the PRIIP with two more planned and designed phases.  The WRD will also continue to pursue additional funding and continue prioritizing and assessing PRIIP infrastructure for future rehabilitation efforts.  If there are any questions from tribal irrigators or the public, please feel free to contact the Southern Ute Water Resources Division at (970) 563-9482. 

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