Contributions for 2022 Boys and Girls Club  

The Boys and Girls Club (BGC) of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe Invites Permanent Fund employees to continue support of BGC annual fundraising drive by making donations via payroll deductions. Your participation in the program is voluntary. The Tribe has made this option available to you so that you can easily support our local BGC if you wish to do so. 

Why should you support the Boys & Girls Club? 

  • Your gift benefits local youth. 
  • Boys & Girls Club services all youth in the community (age 6 – 18). 
  • The Boys & Girls Club is a member of the National Organization and maintains membership requirements (background checks, safety & training requirements). 

If you want to learn more about the Boys & Girls Club, please read the attached brochure or visit which includes information on how the Boys & Girls Club works. 

If you donate one full day of pay to the BGC, you will receive one paid day off. Your donations will be collected via payroll deductions throughout 2022. This day off shall be used on or near the employee’s birthday. Please return the pledge form to Molly Bellino in the Human Resources Department no later than 01/20/22. See the calculation below. 

Your donation amount = your hourly payrate X8/25 (number of pay periods remaining 

this year) 

EXAMPLE: $10 (hourly rate) X8 (full day) = $80 (one day of pay) / 25= $3.20 (deduction per pay period), $3.20 is your payroll deduction amount. 

Exempt employees use your annual pay/2080 to get your hourly rate. 


Certificates will be provided to employees contributing to the BGC via payroll deductions and a copy of the certificate will be placed in the employee file. 

Please Contact Molly Bellino in HR at 970-563-0100 ext. 2420 with any questions. 

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