Marcella’s Gifts & More moves to new home

Marcella Quintana, owner of Marcella’s Gifts and More, a tri-ethnic community store stands for a portrait before her store front sign is removed from the Goodard building location on Monday, Nov. 8.
Lorna Smith, a longtime family friend of Marcella Quintana removes her store’s sign on Monday, Nov. 8.
McKayla Lee | SU Dum
McKayla Lee | SU Dum

Marcella’s Gifts & More, a tri-ethnic community store officially closed the doors of their Goodard Ave location in Ignacio, Monday, Nov. 8. The gift shop has a new location at 18190 South-HWY 172, at owner Marcella Quintana’s home.

The shop originally opened in May of 2002 and was attached to ‘Julie’s El Amigo’ a restaurant owned by Quintana’s mother. “My shop was attached to my mom’s restaurant, and it worked out really well because she always wanted to have a shop, but was too busy to run one,” Quintana said. 

Marcella’s features gifts for all occasions, from baptismal gifts to beadwork from local tribal members. Her shop also showcases pottery and crafts made by local artists. “I like serving the community – I sell everything from Native American goods to New Mexico Chile,” Quintana stated. 

After battling and recovering from a cancer diagnosis, Marcella’s was closed for eight months while she spent time out of the country getting treatments. “When I came back at the end of August last year [2020] I had to spend a lot of time healing – and for the first time in my life, I took time off,” Quintana stated. “Now I am just trying to regain back a lot of business that I lost and I’m hoping that people will come out here, I am trying to fill my shop with things that will make it worth their time to come and shop.” 

The decision to move her shop wasn’t hers entirely, the building where Marcella’s originally opened had sold. Her business didn’t sell, but the building where it was housed did. “I had to bring my business home – relocating will make it easier for me to go back and forth to Mexico for my recovery treatments too,” Quintana stated. 

Marcella currently doesn’t have any set business hours. She has asked that people call her to set up shopping appointments and if she is home, then everyone is welcomed to stop and shop. “They can always come out here and I will meet them in the shop, I am not one to be out and about much – I have a business to take care of,” Quintana said. “They can come out and see me as early as eight o’clock and as late as seven in the evening, as long as I am home, I am available.”

Marcella’s has requested that those who do come out to shop keep the gate to her driveway closed. She wants everyone and anyone to come out and shop at her business. “I will have some nice holiday sets available soon, they will make good gifts for families,” Quintana stated. Contact Marcella’s Gifts and More at 970-759-6621. 

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