ICL: What is Community

Ignacio Community Library, ICL Logo, ICL art
Photo Credit: Ignacio Community Library

What is community? What does it mean to you? Webster’s has a couple of definitions beginning with the obvious: a group of people with similar characteristics or similar interests, and the less obvious: a social state or condition. For me it means a sense of finding “my people,” folks I can identify with, be myself with and have meaningful connections. That’s part of why I appreciate the name of Ignacio Community Library. At its foundation, its heart, is community.

Community can mean a group of people coming together for similar purposes such as our Maker group or our book clubbers. These are fairly small communities gathering for a singular reason; to create, or to discuss books. Other communities are larger, more encompassing; our Friends of the Library is like that. It is a varied group of people coming together with the common goal of supporting the ICL.

I find that I enjoy many different communities within the greater Ignacio community. From groups at the Rec Center to acquaintances I see at the grocery store, I have come to depend upon and cherish our community members. I love the diversity, the uniqueness of our special corner of Colorado. Because I’m at the library, I get to see people from other communities, sometimes from nearby Durango or Bayfield and sometimes from further away; even including international travelers. I relish the comments that I hear about this community, the special feeling that Ignacio has and the friendliness and connection found here. I was speaking with a colleague from the Midwest recently and she was amazed at what we have to offer within our tiny town and within the library. So, if you’re feeling a lack of connection, a lack of community, maybe we over at ICL can offer you a sense of place and belonging and an opportunity to meet new friends and reconnect with old friends.

I know that we’re all experiencing at least some degree of covid fatigue. We’re ready to be done with this and move on with our lives and our futures. Last December the community came together in a big way to help our kids celebrate Christmas with the light parade and the Taste of Christmas. I’m looking forward to doing it again this year and to seeing your smiling faces throughout town.


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