Santa Ana Pueblo hunters hope for a successful harvest  

The group of hunters from Northern New Mexico were fully vaccinated and tested negative to COVID-19 prior to traveling to the Southern Ute Indian Reservation.
Southern Ute Department of Natural Resources staff introduce leadership from the Santa Ana Pueblo, Monday, Nov. 1. The Tribe approved hunting permits for Santa Ana hunters to continue important traditional ceremonies.
Chairman Baker shares his hunting stories with an important spiritual leader from the Santa Ana Pueblo, Monday, Nov. 1.
Tribal Council member Vanessa Torres wishes a hunter the best of luck during the cultural hunts. Hunters were allowed to hunt the Sandoval Unit on the east side of the Reservation.
Lindsay Box | SU Council Affairs
Lindsay Box | SU Council Affairs
Lindsay Box | SU Council Affairs
Lindsay Box | SU Council Affairs

Southern Ute Tribal Council met with members and staff from the Santa Ana Pueblo, Monday, Nov. 1. Every year, Tribal Council approves two cultural hunts, which allows hunters from New Mexico Pueblos to harvest animals vital to their cultural ceremonies. A limited number of tags were provided and the Pueblo determines hunter selection through an application process. Due to the drier climate, the animals that were traditionally available are more difficult to come by, but vital to the continuation of cultural ceremonies. 

“It is good to see you all and to see you are in good health. I wish you the best on your hunt,” Council Member Ramona Eagle said.  

Last year, due to COVID-19, the cultural hunts were unable to take place; and this year, the hunters and guests were all vaccinated and required to test negative within 72 hours of the trip.  

The hunters will be here through the week, hunting a specific unit on the east side of the reservation. After the welcome with Tribal Council, Southern Ute Division of Wildlife staff will cover the hunter orientation and all hunters will be required to verify their animals upon harvest.  

“We don’t own the animals, they are the Creator’s and with great management we are able to share them with you and help you out in a good way,” added Vice Chairman Bruce Valdez. 

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