Stay safe while working on mobile devices 


Cybercriminals know that mobile devices contain all sorts of information about you, and they will try to trick you to gain access to that information. That’s why it’s important to practice good security habits when using your personal and work mobile devices. 

 Follow the tips below to protect your mobile devices from the cybercriminals: 

 Protect sensitive information on your mobile device. 

  • Clean out your inbox. Delete text messages and emails that contain sensitive information. If cybercriminals steal your mobile device, they won’t have access to this information. 
  • Don’t use note-taking applications or photography applications to store sensitive information. If you need to take pictures of important documents such as your social security card, delete the image immediately after use. 
  • Set up passwords on your devices. If you have the option, you can also use facial recognition or fingerprint recognition technology for an extra layer of security. 

Make safe mobile payment transactions. 

  • If you use a mobile wallet application, be sure to set up a mobile device password and enable payment notifications. Passwords protect your mobile wallet if your device is stolen, and notifications alert you to any suspicious activity. 
  • Only use trusted mobile payment applications, such as Google Pay or Apple Pay. Beware of untrusted or fraudulent mobile payment applications. cybercriminals can use these apps to steal your payment information. 
  • Even when using a trusted mobile payment application, it’s important to verify payment information before completing a transaction. Confirm that you know who the recipient is before transferring any money. 

Make sure your applications are safe and up-to-date. 

  • Only use trusted applications. cybercriminals can use untrusted applications to upload malware onto your device. Only download applications from verified application stores such as the Apple App Store and beware of applications that require excessive permissions. 
  • Don’t “jailbreak” your device or download software that changes the intended use of the device. This software can damage your device and prevents automatic updates.  
  • Keep your applications and operating system (OS) up-to-date. Updates fix bugs and other security issues, so it’s important to install them when you’re prompted. 

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