Scheduling procedures with Custom Farm

SU Agriculture Division

The Southern Ute Agriculture Division, Custom Farm Program is in the middle of the hay harvest season.  Hay harvest takes precedent during this time of year, but other Custom Farm activities are being scheduled and completed as time and weather allow.   

With the active monsoon season that we are currently enjoying, the Custom Farm Program has received several questions of how we complete work scheduling for hay harvest.  We try our best to complete hay harvest on the schedule provided for each work order.  

When rain is in the forecast, there are often requests to wait until the chance of rain subsides.  Unfortunately, during the monsoon season it is as much a gamble either way.  Monsoon rains are inconsistent and spotty.  Often, it doesn’t rain when the forecast says it will rain and it does rain when the forecast says there is a lesser chance.  

  1. We schedule all Custom Farm work orders on a first come first serve basis.  When a tribal member makes a request for work, an estimate is complete, a work order is created, and the work is scheduled for a specific date (this date is agreed upon with the client). 
  2. Work is completed in sequence of work order and scheduling date unless a request is made to move the work order to a different date.  Request to move the work order to an earlier date can only be accommodated if there is room in the schedule.  If the request is to move to a later date the work order is scheduled at the end of other work orders already scheduled for that time.    
  3. The Custom Farm Field Supervisor selects the operator completing all work orders. 

Remember to schedule all custom farm work ahead of the time that the work is needed.  The Custom Farm Program usually cannot accommodate requests for immediate service.  Hay harvest is best scheduled 2-3 weeks in advance and all other work orders usually need at least 3-4 days.       

If you have hay harvesting or other Custom Farm needs, please contact Micco Wesley at 970-563-2904.

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