SunUte open to tribal members starting in June

It’s been a long time and we have missed you!

SunUte Community Center and the Multi-Purpose Facility (MPF) opened their doors on June 1 for tribal members and members of their immediate households. Our facilities will be limited and only available by reservation. SunUte’s phased reopening will begin with the fitness floor and pool – only with limited hours. The group exercise classes and Active Kid Care will follow and then the gymnasium will open. 

Guests will be required to make a reservation to use both of the facilities. In order to make the reservation system work, SunUte staff will be updating all SunUte membership household information. Please give us a call at 970-563-0214, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. to do so. Once your membership information update is complete, staff will be ready to set each household up for online registration! 


  • Reservations are needed to use SunUte/MPF. 
  • If your SunUte membership is updated, but you are unable to make a reservation online, please call front desk and we will gladly assist you. 


  • Rolling opening stages for SunUte members (No walk-ins will be allowed.) 
  • Southern Ute tribal members and family members on their SunUte membership. 
  • Tribal staff and family members on their SunUte membership. 
  • Community 


  • For information on reserving space at the Multi-Purpose Facility, please call 970-563-2640 


Tribal Members, if you are interested in utilizing SunUte, and you have not received a call from us to update your SunUte membership, please call us! For your family members that paid: The number of days left on your membership on March 18, 2020 will be reinstated and you will receive an additional 14 days! 

Please follow us on SunUte Facebook or the Tribal Council’s Instagram for more information! 


Thank you and if you have any questions please call:  

  • SunUte at 970-563-0214 
  • Robin Duffy-Wirth, SunUte Director at 970-749-7998 
  • Multi-Purpose Facility at 970-563-2640 
  • Elise Redd at 970-563-2641 

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