SunUte Call Center phased out

As the Southern Ute Incident Management Team continues to work with the tribal government and its entities, the Southern Ute Call Center is demobilized as of Tuesday, June 1, 2021 and the tribal government service providers have reinstated communication with tribal membership and clients as the government phases back into operation.  

Updates on the continued transition of modified services with respect to tribal departments and service providers will continue to be provided to the tribal membership via the Southern Ute Drum newspaper, KSUT, social media posts and the tribal member website portal as they develop and as the government continues to evaluate the government’s ability to operate safely. 

As previously reported, many valuable lessons have been learned and key points noted. The IMT’s PIO/Communications Team will continue to streamline the Call Center protocol should the tribal government request this IMT function in the future. 

Please continue to call the Southern Ute Tribe’s main switchboard line at (970) 563-0100 or the tribal department’s main line as listed in the 2020 Southern Ute Indian Tribe’s Service Guide for inquiries related to any tribal services currently provided by the tribal government. If you are unsure of a department extension or name, please dial 0, to be connected to a receptionist who can expedite your request. 


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