Tribal member small business spotlight: Amber Baker-Valdez

The freshly prepared, made to order menu boasts food prepared by Omar Valdez, originally from La Junta, Chihuahua, Mexico which consists of family recipes as well as his own. 
Photo Credit: Robert Ortiz | SU Drum archive

Mi Hitos: Ignacio, Colo.  

What is your name and who are your parents? 

My name is Amber Dawn SnowBird Baker-Valdez. I am the daughter of Dorene Baker and Vincent Grove, but I raised by my motherDorene. 

What is your small business (name, services, industry)? 

 Mi Hitos, LLC. 

What inspired you to start your business?  An opportunity came up, so I convinced my husband that we could do it because we all loved his food and it was something we could do as a family. We wanted to offer food that children would love so families could go out to eat and enjoy their meal without having to have their kids be unhappy with the food.  

What have been some of the challenges you’ve encountered in building your business? Wow, this is a really loaded question with so many answers. In short, in the beginning it was finding customers who would be willing to let the food speak for itselfThen it was how to be successful in such a small building. Lol. Now, it’s trying to learn all the legality of this industry within our limitations all while trying to succeed so this can be our only source of providing for my family.  

What is your vision for your business (how would you like to see it grow)? 

I wish for my little shop to one day be a full-service restaurant. I want it to be somewhere families can go so parents can enjoy their meals knowing that their children will too.   

What support would you like to see offered by the Tribe to its small business owners or prospective entrepreneurs? 

I would like for the Tribe to help others learn how to file their business with the state and federal government instead of hiring someoneI would like to see more information being available about taxes and what benefits there are for tribally owned businesses.  

What short advice could you provide to an aspiring tribal entrepreneur? 

Be brave and even though at times it may seem like an uphill battle, keep going!  

How can tribal members and members of the community support your small business? 

Come and give us a try. Do not come because of who I am or what family I come from. Let the food speak for itself.  We just want to offer food that everyone can enjoy.  


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