Seeking volunteers for La Plata County Community Corrections Board

La Plata County Commissioners

The La Plata County Board of County Commissioners is seeking qualified individuals to serve on the newly re-established La Plata County Community Corrections Board (CCB).  The CCB has the authority to oversee and determine compliance of the community corrections program services provider, to establish and enforce standards of the community corrections program services provider and oversee all financial matters and enter into contracts with the State of Colorado for funding.  The CCB members shall also create a subcommittee of the CCB to review offender cases referred for placement in the Community Corrections program “Hilltop House” with the authority to accept, defer or reject anyone for placement that is determined to be a risk to the public or the program. 

The Board of County Commissioners are looking for the following members of the community: 

  • A member of the community with a finance or accounting background 
  • A member of the community who has experience as a mental health/substance abuse treatment provider
  • A representative from a local business with preference to a business who has employed community corrections clients in the past
  • A member of the criminal defense bar in the 6th Judicial District
  • A member of the community who represents the victim advocacy community
  • Up to three members selected from a cross-section of the general citizenry.

A complete description of the board member position, as well as an online application, are available at: 

 Applications are due by end of business on Tuesday, May 4; for additional information, please contact Carly at 970382-6219 or 

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