Temporary suspension of administrative fees, aka shut-off fees

Photo Credit: SU Utilities Division

Due to the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Southern Ute Utilities Division Management has decided that, effective immediately, there will be a six-month temporary suspension of Administrative Fees (shut-off fees) associated with customer service disconnections for the following utility services, which include: (each assessed a $31 fee)

  • Solid Waste (Trash Collection) 
  • Sewer
  • Water (including Water Haul) 
  • Natural Gas

Disconnection of Utilities Service due to non-payment will continue. However, the payment of administrative fees (shut-off fees) will not be required for utility service reconnection. The temporary suspension of administrative fees will be valid during the billing periods of February through July 2021.

Customers are strongly encouraged to make payments on their accounts on time by the following payment methods:

  • Online Payment at Select “Pay My Bill” at top. (Highly recommended)
  • Payment over the phone at 970-563-5500 by credit card, Mon. – Fri., 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.
  • Payment at Wells Fargo Bank (Ignacio Branch): Have your account number and/or your utility bill readily available
  • Payment by mail: Please mail statement stub with your check or money order (made payable to Southern Ute Utilities Division) to PO Box 1137, Ignacio, CO 81137

As a reminder for tribal member customers, you can arrange monthly payments to your utility account directly from Tribal Finance. We strongly encouraged this automatic payment arrangement to remain current on your account. Please contact Utilities Office 970-563-5500, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. for further details. 

It is our highest priority to provide and maintain critical services to the Southern Ute Tribal membership and community during this pandemic. Safety is another priority for our employees and our customers. Please be safe and stay healthy!

Contact Info: Hayes Briskey, Utilities Manager 970-563-550, Julian Baker, Assistant Manager 970-563-5515. 

The following is an example to assist in understanding the shut-off process:

Utility Shut-Off Scenario

Customer, Joe Jones, has been issued a late notice on Feb. 15th with an amount due of $400. He has not paid his December bill ($200) and January bill ($200). At the end of February, he has not made a payment. March 1st is a new billing period, his new bill is $150, making his total balance due $550. Shut off is March 3rd. Joe has not made a payment and his utility services have been shut off.

Due to disconnections, Joe will now be charged administrative late fees for each of his utility services: 1) Water – $31 fee, 2) Natural Gas – $31 fee, 3) Trash – $31 fee, and 4) Sewer – $31 fee. The fees total $124, which will be added to his balance of $550. Joe now owes $674.

In order to be restored utility services, Joe must pay the December and January bill which total $400 plus the administrative late fees of $124 for being disconnected, which is a total of $524. Note Joe’s remaining balance is $150 for his February bill, which is due by Feb. 28.

With the temporary waiver of Administrative Late Fees, Joe will not be required to pay the $124. However, he will be required to pay his December and January bill, which total $400, in order to have his utilities restored. Thereafter, he still owes the February payment of $150 to clear his outstanding balance.


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