Tribe approves reorganization working group 

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For several years, Tribal Council has heard growing concern about the size and inefficiency of the Tribal organization from tribal members. In particular, there is concern that the balance of services compared to distributions is not representative of the needs of the membership. Also, some functions and services seem to have become duplicative. To try to correct these issues, Tribal Council has formally created a working group to examine areas to improve the Tribe’s operations.  

Tribal Council would like tribal members to feel like they are a part of the project. Please provide any ideas you have about the improvement of services or operations to either the email or the voicemail at 970-563-2100. All suggestions are welcome and encouraged!  

Please read the attached letter to the tribal membership on the Tribal Reorganization Working Group. 

Mikah, The Southern Ute Indian Tribe has been an example of success throughout Indian Country. The Tribal Council honors and respects the wisdom of the Tribe’s past and present leaders who implemented the Tribe’s Financial Plan and a tribal structure that has brought prosperity to the tribal membership. Tribal Council is appreciative of the sacrifices that were made to allow the Tribe to grow, while also preserving its unique culture, language, heritage, and traditions for future generations. Tribal Council also recognizes that the separation of business operations from governmental operations has benefited the Tribe. 

While the Tribe has experienced financial growth for decades, we must continue to invest effectively, spend prudently, and meet the needs of the tribal membership. The Tribe has provided tribal membership with increasing benefits from both services and monetary compensation. However, some concerns have been expressed that the tribal organization has grown to the point that there arinefficient services and duplicate functions. We understand the Tribe’s operations need to be periodically reviewed in order to improve overall performance while ensuring the needs of the tribal membership are still being met. 

To address these concerns, Tribal Council has approved Resolution 2020134, authorizing the creation of a working group dedicated to the following goals: 

1) Finding a balance between services and distributions to tribal members; 

2) Evaluating inefficient services and duplicate functions; 

3) Mitigating risks; and 

4) Fostering better communications and teamwork throughout the Tribe. 

 The Tribal Reorganization Working Group consists of the Tribal Council, General Manager of the Sky Ute Casino Resort, Growth Fund Directors, Permanent Fund Executive Officers, SUSS Chief Information Officer, Director of Legal, Director of lnternal Audiand Director of Strategic Planning. We anticipate this effort will have immediate, sustainable results, but also realize some aspects of this project will take several years to complete. 

We invite you to participate in this project. Your ideas are valuable and essential to the success of this effort. A dedicated email address ( and phone line 970-563-2100 have been established to enable you to provide us with your suggestions/recommendations.  

No idea is too large or too small. Every voice is important. There is no limit on the number of proposals you would like to suggest regarding any aspect of the Tribe. 

Periodic updates will be provided on this effort. We will conduct Town Halls and focus groups to listen to concerns, encourage communication, and generate new ideas. If you have questions, please reach out to: 

1) Tribal Council – 970563-2485; 

2) Growth Fund Directors – 970563-5006 or 970563-5036; 

3) Sky Ute General Manager – 970563-1350; 

4) SUSS Chief Information Officer – 970563-5617; or 

5) Executive Officer  970903-2300. 


Christine Sage, Chairman 

Cheryl A. Frost, Vice Chairman 

Marjorie Barry, Treasurer 

Cedric JChavez 

Bruce Valdez 

Ramona YEagle 

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