America’s Tribal Lands have significantly less access to broadband

Photo Credit: BroadbandNow

Residents of tribal lands across the U.S., not only have less access to broadband internet, but they also pay more when it is available, according to new research by BroadbandNow.

Tyler Cooper, editor-in-chief of BroadbandNow, explains, “Our research looks at the zip codes of more than 500 nationally recognized tribes in the U.S. and found America’s tribal lands are among the most impacted communities of the digital divide.”

The research, “82% of Residents in Tribal Zip Codes Have Broadband Internet Access, Compared to 94% of Non-Tribal Residents.” Note: Includes searchable data by state:

It also found, only 33% of tribal residents have access to a low-price wired broadband plan under $60 per month, compared to 51% of non-tribal residents, and Louisiana has the least amount of tribal wired broadband availability in the country, coming in at 39%.

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