Southern Ute Growth Fund hires one of their own as Vice President of Human Resources

Maria Baker | Vice President of Human Resources
Photo Credit: Courtesy Maria Baker | SUGF

The Southern Ute Growth Fund has hired Maria Baker, a Southern Ute tribal member, as the Vice President of Human Resources. She will assume the responsibilities as VP on Monday, Jan. 6.

“I am excited for this opportunity. I appreciate the support I have received from the Directors and Tribal Council. I am going to build on the foundation I received while working for Cathy Otten, learning from her expertise for the past 14 years,” stated Baker.

Baker started her professional career with the Southern Ute Department of Education in 2001, training under Lee Briggs, and taking over responsibility as the Distance Learning Coordinator helping to bring degreed programs to the Southern Ute tribal members on the reservation. After working in education for four years, Baker received an unpassable opportunity within the Southern Ute Growth Fund, Human Resources as the Tribal Members Employment Coordinator. Her background with education proved to be helpful in transitioning tribal members into positions within the Southern Ute Growth Fund. She has spent 18 years with the Tribe and most recently as the HR Training Coordinator and Assistant HR Manager.

Baker received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Fort Lewis College in 2000.

As an avid outdoorsman, she currently sits on the Southern Ute Wildlife Advisory Board and in her downtime enjoys hunting and fishing. She has sat on the KSUT Board of Directors, Del Alma Board of Directors, and the Durango Adult Education Board of Directors. Baker also enjoys spending time with family.

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