Welcome back to the World

Vietnam Memorial Etching
Photo Credit: McKayla Lee | The Southern Ute Drum

The Southern Ute Veterans Association wanted to educate visitors and bring recognition on behalf of veterans who died at home, on U.S. soil in the aftermath of the Vietnam conflict. Engraved at the base of the Vietnam Veteran’s memorial in the Southern Ute Veterans Memorial Park is an acknowledgment to those who passed away from service related issues; mental or physical, after the war was over. Alcoholism and drug abuse claimed many lives as a result of PTSD — in some cases, leading to suicide. Health issues also plagued many of the combat veterans, the aftereffects of Agent Orange in particular has affected many of those who served overseas. The words, “Welcome back to the World,” and the eternal flame symbolize their journey, with dates inscribed as 1958 to 1975 — denoting the first casualties through to the end of the Vietnam conflict. The engraving to the granite memorial was done on site by Family Craft Memorial out of Durango, Colo., on Saturday, Sept. 28.

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