The 30-day comment period on Revised Enrollment Ordinance


The 30-day Tribal Member Comment Period on the Revised Enrollment Ordinance will be September 6, 2019 through October 7, 2019.

Please provide any comments on the draft code by October 7, 2019. After the comment period, Tribal Council will consider the comments, make necessary revisions and finalize the code.

Please submit your comments to the Committee by one of the following methods:

1. E-mail:
2. Mail: Enrollment Ordinance Committee, c/o Legal Department, Southern Ute Indian Tribe, P.O. Box 737, Ignacio, Colorado 81137
3. Hand delivery: Legal Department, Leonard C. Burch Tribal Administration Building, Ignacio, Colorado 81137
4. Phone: 970-563-4705, select the second option (7902) to comment on the Revised Enrollment Ordinance.
5. Tribal Member Portal:

Tribal Members can find the Revised Liquor Code on the Tribal Member Portal as well as request a hard copy from the Legal Department or Tribal Council Affairs.

CLICK HERE for Notice of Draft Revised Enrollment Ordinance

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