FCC upholds decision allowing La Plata County access to Denver TV

Photo Credit: La Plata County Commissioners

The Federal Communications Commission announced today that it will uphold its original decision, granting the La Plata County Board of Commissioners’ request for a market modification allowing satellite providers to offer subscribers access to Denver television programming. This decision culminates a decade-long effort to bring relevant programming from the state capital to La Plata County residents.

The FCC granted the market modification request in 2017, and Albuquerque broadcasters appealed the decision. Today’s announcement that the 2017 decision was upheld resolves the appeal.

With the FCC’s decision to uphold the original petition seeking a market modification, the two satellite providers serving La Plata County citizens now have permission to make agreements with ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox affiliates in Denver to offer their broadcasts to subscribers in La Plata County who now solely receive Albuquerque-based news, weather and sports programming.

La Plata County was the first county in the United States to submit a market modification petition, and results from La Plata County’s efforts to respond to citizen concerns about lack of access to news, sports and weather reports from Colorado. The effort was bolstered by strong support from La Plata County’s congressional delegation, and Sen. Michael Bennet’s office in particular provided invaluable help in preparing the petition for a market modification and the original legislation that allowed for market modification requests.

“This historic decision will be a major benefit for our community, allowing residents to connect with critical information from our state Capitol,” said Commissioner Gwen Lachelt. “We appreciate the work our delegation did to pave the way for this long-awaited decision.”

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