‘Above and Beyond the Call of Duty’ award, Pierre-Louis

Left to right: Tava Wilson, Youth Services Interim Division Director; Andrae Pierre-Louis, Project Manager, KICK & Connect - Youth Services; Eileen Wasserbach, SUCAP Executive Director.
courtesy SUCAP

The ‘Above and Beyond the Call of Duty’ award goes to Andrae Pierre-Louis for February, 2018. The award was presented to Andrae, Thursday, Feb. 1.

Andrae has worked in SUCAP’s Youth Services Division for several years now and has shown tremendous growth in the past year. It has been a difficult time for SUCAP Youth Services; we lost a major grant, several full-time staff, and nearly an entire after-school program. Staff has struggled to maintain their routine and their programs with limited funding and staff who were still gaining experience. Yet Andrae stepped up without question or prompting. He jumped at the chance to help where needed and has taken on additional duties and responsibilities. His high energy, positive attitude, and flexibility enable him to provide high quality programming despite all the program restraints and struggles.

He is now managing two after school programs nearly completely on his own. Not only does he provide KICK programming four days a week, but he’s taken the lead on our start-up high school program and created a solid program with consistent attendance and youth engagement. He has even eased the division workload by collaborating with another high school program to achieve our grant outcomes. And as if that wasn’t enough, Andrae also stepped up to finalize Camp Venture plans last year. Camp Venture is a huge undertaking and not a one man job. He took this task on without having been a part of the initial planning process, yet he took it in stride and made sure all had an enjoyable, awesome camp. It is clear he loves his job, this community, and the participants at SUCAP Youth Services.

Overall, Andrae has proven to be an asset to this organization and community. His work ethic and generous nature are something to be admired and something we should all strive for.

Good Job Andrae!!

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