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The most important miles are yet to come

Vehicle owners can now turn their unwanted, but usable vehicles into valuable revenue for services. Vehicles can be donated at any time and the process is easy. The proceeds of each donation benefit Southern Ute Community Action Programs, an organization devoted to improving the lives of residents of Southwest Colorado since 1966.

SUCAP uses support from vehicle donations to benefit its diverse human services. Over 2,500 people a year directly benefit from the programs offered by the six divisions including: early childhood education and family services, substance abuse treatment, employment training, nutrition and transportation for the elderly, public transportation, and youth development. For over 50 years, SUCAP has served the southwest corner of the state in a variety of ways; they hope to be “With YOU – Every Step of the Way.”

The donation process is simple. Click on the donation button on the homepage of You will be directed to the Vehicles for Charity website, or you can call their toll-free number. The vehicle is usually picked up in 3-5 days at the donor’s convenience. Please provide a clean title and make sure the vehicle has no major damage. A receipt for the donation will be sent as a follow-up in the mail, which may be used to document a tax deduction.

Unwanted, but usable vehicles are accepted, including: cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, RVs and more. Clean up those older vehicles in your driveway and make an impact on the lives of your neighbors at the same time!

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