Give yourself credit

Southern Ute Credit Department and Committee has helped many tribal members build their credit, give them credit and buy new homes over the years. The committee consists of four members and they give the ultimate decision of approval. Tribal members are offered all their services and guidance for free.

Tribal Credit Division Head Daniel Larson has been working for the Tribe for over a year and has 35 years of experience in finance. He holds an undergraduate degree in finance, an MBA with an emphasis in finance and is looking to get his Doctorate in Business Administration. He and the committee have been able to help many families get into new houses, build their own and help restore credit scores. “Dan has tribal members best interest at heart, he is not critical and wants the best for our people,” said committee member Rudley Weaver.

The Credit Committee is there to help tribal members; whatever their financial needs are. The committee serves as bankers, as well as in decision-making and policy changes. They look at the tribal member’s financial situation and utilize their resources to the best of their ability and judgment to help each member. “It’s amazing to see houses approved and they are beautiful and affordable. I’ve seen young people’s drive to improve their credit and I see pride within them, older people too,” said Barbara Scott-Rarick.

If you are interested in knowing your credit score, buying a new house on the reservation or a credit loan contact the Tribal Credit office to get started. “To have this opportunity is great and your able to learn about your credit from a professional. Come down to increase your credit rating. You cannot barrow your way out of debt, you have to pay in cash,” Weaver said.

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