Prairie dog management for tribal members 

Photo Credit: courtesy Public Pictures Domain

Prairie dogs continue to be in high numbers throughout the area.  Prairie dogs cause significant damage around homes.  Their burrowing destroys landscapes, but other issues can be more serious.  Prairie dogs are a host for the flea that is the vector for bubonic plague.  Although plague has not been prevalent in the past few years, it is always a concern when prairie dogs are present.  The Agriculture Division provides control services for prairie dogs. Division staff will treat prairie dog burrows at home sites within 100 feet of the house.  This is to reduce the chance of exposure to disease and to reduce the physical dangers presented by the prairie dog burrows.

To combat these critters more effectively we have added a new machine to our arsenal.  This machine is called P.E.R.C. (Pressurized Exhaust Rodent Control) system.  The machine will help us to gain the upper hand on the ongoing problems these pests impose on tribal residences. The benefits are that use of this machine will be much safer than chemical applications, and more effective than smoke bombs.

The Tribe does not provide prairie dog management on agricultural lands but there are methods that tribal member agricultural producers can utilize to help in the management of prairie dogs.  The most effective management tool that is available for agricultural areas is a product called Phostoxin.  This is a regulated product that cannot be purchased without completion of Private Pesticide Applicator Certification through the Colorado State Department of Agriculture.  This is easy to complete and winter is a good time to do this.  If you need information on getting your certification; call or stop by the Agriculture Division.

We can also refer you to private contractors for prairie dog control on your agriculture fields.

Please feel free to give us a call at 970-563-2900 to schedule a treatment.    

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